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no answer my tickets


  • Sara started the conversation

    I submitted a complaint to Envato, for not having support with the subject Hudson.
    Anyway if anyone can help me I would appreciate it.
    In my theme Hudson wordpress I can not activate the sidebar side for the blog. It does not appear in the configuration options of the theme. Instead I see that in the functions.php page of the theme itself it is created.
    I would also like to add sidebars in other pages of the topic, because it is necessary.
    Does anyone know how to do it? As the creators of the topic have not answered for more than a week .. I can not wait any longer.

    Anyone know how to put photo in the blog posts to come with a photo?

    Thank you, and I'm sorry to disturb you, but I've never had a professional support do not answer.

    I will not buy them anything again and that's it, what are we going to do?